Saturday, February 23, 2013

Smore- Purely Paperless Publishing Web Application

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Smore is an app that allows users to create beautiful online flyers with ease. After creating, users can distribute and share flyers through a variety of social media outlets or email. 

As a classroom teacher, I can see so many uses for this awesome app! From reviewing and responding to reading to sharing learning in the content areas, Smore is an easy and intuitive way for students to represent their learning. Even better- this is an entirely paperless assessment piece that is easy to share with parents! 

In my classroom, we started out by creating a newsletter flyer as a class representing our learning from our states of matter unit. Students wrote paragraphs that were integrated into the newsletter and used iPads to take pictures of examples of the three states of matter around our school.

For more information and examples of how this tool can be used in the classroom, check out my blog!

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