Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Remove adds from Youtube with Safeshare

by Matt Gomez. You can connect with me on my blog mattBgomez.comTwitterFacebook or Pinterest.

SafeShare is a website that takes YouTube videos and gets rid of almost ALL of the advertisements and junk around the main video. The image you see above is all that is displayed, it even removes the ads that are often showed before popular videos. Using it is VERY simple and I really don't know why I did not convert all my videos before now. All you do is copy the YouTube link and paste it into Shafeshare.tv (see image below) Then you are given a new link to use instead of the YouTube link. Save that to your favorites and you are set.
Here are some of my favorite YouTube videos that have been converted to safeshare already. Enjoy!

Sesame Street Mix

Great Songs for Tranistions

Fiction/Non Fiction E-books

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  1. Wow! Great tip. I always get so scared about those ads & hover by my computer so that I can quickly push pause! And that's after previewing a gaazillion times! :)


  2. I love safeshare.tv too!! Read my blogpost about it http://iluvtwek.blogspot.com/2012/11/safeshare-tv.html
    My problem is that our technology department will not unblock the site for the student computers. Our kids have access to the whole education youtube site, but they will not unblock safeshare.tv over concerns that unwanted videos would get through the filter. So, I can't link to the safe videos on our startpage for the kids. It is frustrating! The suggested videos on the side show up on the youtube videos, even through the educational side of the website. These are often not age-appropriate and the kids think they can go to these videos as well. At least it is unblocked for teachers, though.