Friday, February 22, 2013

Reading Response with Smores!

I'm always trying out new ideas for Reading Response activities with my students and one that i've used a few times that I like (and my students do too!) is Smore.  This is a free online tool where you can create flyers that can be published. The possibilities for using it in the classroom seem to be endless...creating "all about me" posters, inviting parents to events, etc.

You can set up a free account and set your privacy settings to your choice based on what you want "the world" to see or not. After doing that, you can start a new flyer or have your students create one. When doing this, you are selecting your background, fonts and overall layout (I select the "other" category since the other options (sale, event, business) haven't applied yet). My students helped me select the background and colors after inputting our content for the flyer.  Our Reading Response focus was characters and setting for our stories, so I just added a few simple questions into the flyer and then my students filled in the answers to the questions after I was done reading the story.

While I read the story to them, my students drew pictures of the characters and setting, which we then took pictures of (on my mac or on the iPad) and pulled into the flyer afterward. I've used this with a few different stories with my students and I plan on making this a reading response center after a few more trials together.  After the flyers are all done, you can print them and hang them up in your room or publish them online!

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