Monday, February 11, 2013

Pastelink an easy way to share files!

Need an easy, quick way to share a file online? Then there's no reason to email it to yourself or upload to Google Docs and from there share out the link; when it can be done in less steps. Simply drag and drop (or browse) the file you want to share into Pastelink and that's it! A link will automatically be generated for you to copy to your clipboard and share out. The website is free but if you want to send files over 250 MB then you can sign up for a free account and send up to 2GB. The link is good for seven days so I would only recommend this for files you want to share out immediately. If you want to store files for people to continually access, then Google Docs or Dropbox, is still your best bet. However, this is super easy for file sharing on the go!


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