Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to Scan QR Codes if You Don't Have an iThing

Feeling left out of the QR code hoopla because you don’t have an iThing (or tablet, kindle, etc.)?  If you have a laptop or desktop with a camera then I have good news for you.  There’s a free app called QR Journal that you can download for all your QR scanning needs.    

Ever since self-checking QR code task cards became a regular part of my math routine, I started using the laptops over the iPads because I can get more kids on them at one time.  Here’s one of my boys scanning his task card to check his answer.  Just make sure they click “scan” in the upper left corner and the answer will show up on the bottom, which you can see in the picture.  Then they click skip to go to a fresh screen and scan their next one.

If you haven’t tried QR codes yet in your classroom, I highly recommend it.  My kids are so much more motivated to do math problems and literally beg me to make more QR code sets on a daily basis.  They even chose a QR code party for our January PBIS celebration!

Looking for a quick, easy, and FREE QR code product to get you started?  I have a Valentine’s Day themed even/odd number sort for my primary friends and a prime/composite number sort for my upper elementary friends.  The kids sort the owls and then scan the headings to see the correct numbers that should be in each pile.  Click the images to grab them for FREE.:)

My friend Aylin has an adorable Valentine’s Day themed literacy QR code activity.  The kids say the word, make the word, and then scan the QR code to check their work.  Click the image to get hers for FREE.

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  1. I LOOOOVE using QR codes! I teach music and technology! Have used them in activities for both subject areas! Kids also love it! And they are finding them all over the place now in their daily lives!