Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valen"techie" Day!

What is Love?
2nd graders define LOVE in this 1 minute video.
Movie made by using iMove App on iPad. 

Click HERE for FREE printable.

Valentine's Love Cam allows you to take photos and spice them up with many unique Frames, Design Elements & Greetings so you could make a different & beautiful design Every Time!
Second graders made Valentine's Day cards for parents using V's Love Cam on iPod Touches. 

Valentine Card share on document camera:

Even though we love ALL of our Valentine's Day cards, students were to pick 1 card to share using the Doc Cam and explain why they "LOVED" it!
Students took pictures with the Doc Cam and then finished the sentence:  I love this Valentine because.....

Did you know that Roman Emperor Claudius II made marriage illegal for young men, but a priest named Valentine married them anyway? Students learned many new things about Valentine's Day by watching: 
Holiday Facts & Fun: Valentine's Day

Students enjoyed the funny jokes included in the Student Activity Packet.  
Franklin's Valentines
Students figured out the problem in this story right away! We paused the movie several times for discussions and ideas how to solve  the problem. Movie comes with cute activity page and teacher guide.

One Zillion Valentines
Learn 360 videos include teacher guides, student activities, and Common Core Standards. Here are the standards fro One Zillion Valentines. 
Hope you had a great Valentine's Day! 
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