Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Creative Writing With Pattern Blocks

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Here is an idea I came up with after our training on writing. A few thoughts...

-I was reminded how important it is to model good writing and the thinking behind writing (metacognition)
-Like any subject we need to teach the kids the correct terminology from the beginning
-Writing improves reading and reading improves writing
-A risk free environment is crucial
AND above all  - Authentic writing is powerful

I immediately changed one of my centers after reflecting on the training. My kids have been very interested in using pattern blocks the last few weeks to create designs and I was wanting a way for them to "keep" those creations to share with friends and family. The idea I came up with was pattern block writing.

1.- Create a design that you want to tell a story about. I had them use a small dry erase board for their creation. I found this helps keep the design the correct size and in a good dimension for taking a picture. 
2- Take a picture of that design.
3- Print the picture and glue onto the journal (I printed it for them)
4- Write a story about the picture. (tell a story, describe the picture, explain how the picture makes you feel

I love that this friend asked a question...

she is describing her abstract design...

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