Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Visual Lesson Planning

MindMaple: Organize Anything
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This is the first year I'm able to teach the same grade level again.  I'm so excited by the ways I'm able to organize my room, materials, and lessons this year compared to last year.  I love knowing what to anticipate in lessons so that I can better prepare a more authentic and inquiry based activity for my students.  In effort to remember what I'm doing now and have the ability to better plan for next year, I've been experimenting with visual lesson planning.  I've tried a few options, and I've seen other people's plans on Pinterest that make me smile in amazement.  I'm just embarking on this journey.  

It is my goal to find something quick and easy.  The moment the tool becomes a challenge, the task becomes less of a focus.  This is not what I want to happen.  So, while there are more capable tools that may make my plans look a bit more flashy, I am trying to stick with quick and easy.  For now, I'm just concerned with building a quick reference for myself, not a comprehensive plan book to showcase to the district administrators.  I'm happy using MindMaple.  I find this tool very easy to use.  Even if I don't visually create every lesson plan, I have the flexibility to do it by the week or the month.  The canvas is blank, and I get to create the template.  I love that part.  I look forward to developing my substitute plans this way, too.  I think they're really be more beneficial than simply having the written version (though I would also include this for a substitute... I'd just add the visual plan as a sort of cover sheet/guide).

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