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Jeopardy and the Common Core

It's the end of the 9 weeks, 
Unit Test &
Principal Observation! 
Luckily for me, my observation was NOT like the cartoon above, but found it hilarious and had to share it anyways :) 
I needed a tool to stimulate creative thinking and to assess what students knew and understood about George Washington Carver to lead into an Opinion Writing Activity 
(Common Core Standard W.2.1) so I looked through my Tools for Promoting Active, In-Depth Learning Book from The Thoughtful Classroom  Professional Development and found a section called :"Tools for Checking Understanding"- Jeopardy p. 158
Tools for Promoting Active, In- Depth Learning 
by Harvey F. Silver, Richard W. Strong, and Matthew J. Perini
The book explained the procedure and gave great ideas, but I needed to adapt the game for my 2nd graders and I wanted to give it a twist to meet my style/means of teaching- INTEGRATE TECHNOLOGY! 
In the past, I had tried several different Power Point Jeopardy templates, but have never been successful making them or using them! 

I lost complete interest in using Jeopardy until I found:

Flash Jeopardy was designed by a teacher for use in the classroom as a SmartBoard/Mimio review game. This site has all of the tools needed to create a Jeopardy review game, download your game for free, and play jeopardy in your classroom. You can also play Flash Jeopardy online. 

After reading and comparing 2 different  selections about George Washington Carver, 
(Common Core Standard RI.2.9) 
Raz Kids
Reading Street Unit 3 Week 5
I used the Raz Kids Informational Text to guide my questions for the Jeopardy game because it had a Table of Contents, Glossary, Real Photos, and Captions and we could practice using various text features to locate key facts or information in a text efficiently. 
 (Common Core Standard RI.2.5)  
Students had their own individual copy to look through to find the answer for each Jeopardy question. 
Below is a screenshot of how you add questions, answers and point values:
After we play this game several more times on our Smart Board, I think I will try to put the actual answers in the "QUESTIONS"section and have the students come up with possible QUESTIONS for the answers! (Like Real Jeopardy) 
I played the Jeopardy Theme song on my iPhone which was connected to my new tower speaker while students answered the final question. I overheard one student say, "That song is sure getting annoying!" I snickered! 

I loved having the feature to "edit" game. After playing the game, I noticed questions that I would like to re-word or completely change for next year.  Here is the link to my game for George Washington Carver without changes:

I split my 24 students into 4 teams. Each teammate had a dry erase board and marker. All teams answered all questions, but we rotated who chose the questions and values each round. 

I placed a yellow cone on 1 teammate's desk for each team. They were the ONLY person that was permitted to report the answer. The cone rotated as we played so everyone had a turn to report an answer. There are several different ways to play this game, but I wanted ALL students ACTIVE. All students found answers, wrote them on boards, and discussed them with their teammates for ALL questions.  

 This question which seemed easy when I made it gave the students the most trouble. They couldn't just find the "answer" in the book.  They had to "THINK" and apply what they read using a text feature to answer the question. This reminded me how important it is to ask a variety of different types of questions! 

Students enjoyed watching the points be rewarded after each question! I like the feature that you could manually give points or take them away. I needed this option today when a student gave a different answer than what I wanted but he was also correct so I gave the team half the points! You could also manually take points away for unsportsmanlike conduct or being too noisy! When teams answer the questions incorrectly- the computer automatically subtracts the points! 
It's awesome not worrying about keeping score!
Teams made wagers before the final question. The team that lead the entire game wagered it ALL and guess what? -They ended with 0! The team that was behind the entire game wagered it ALL and ended up winning! This was a great activity to review "teamwork" and sportsmanship. The team that lost took it very well- but because I was proud of ALL students, we ate NUTTER BUTTERS to celebrate! A Great Peanut treat!
The game was a great experience in many ways! I wanted a tool to stimulate creative thinking and to assess what students knew and understood about George Washington Carver, but I got much more! 

I highly recommend using this in your classroom and if you already do- maybe you could share one of your game links or two :)
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