Sunday, January 6, 2013

'Instant Classroom' Makes Student Grouping Easy!

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to Technology Tailgate, for allowing me the privilege of contributing to this fantastic collaborative blog as a new team member. It has been less than two weeks since I have begun the blogging journey with the establishment of my own blog, Le@rning Out Loud and I am overwhelmed by the support of so many others out there who have gone down a similar path to my own.
I would like to introduce you to a website I have recently discovered, that takes the hassle out of organising students into groups - because it does it for you!

At Instant Classroom, you begin by creating a login and password. Then, simply enter the names of the students in your class and with the click of a button, student groups are organised.

You might have different groups of students throughout the day like I do (for maths or literacy groups, for example), but you can have separate lists all contained within the same login.

Furthermore, you can upload a photo for each child if you want. And if a child leaves throughout the year or a new one joins the class – just click the edit button and add/remove the name. It’s that easy!

The Instant Classroom site also has two additional features. The first is a ‘seating chart maker’, which will randomly allocate seating arrangements. The second is a ‘random name generator’, which will randomly select a student from the list.

It’s a super dooper easy website to navigate – give it a go!

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