Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gynzy - Super Cool IWB Resource

Today,  I stumbled upon this amazing website:  Gynzy ! It has so many great activities to use with any interactive whiteboard. It is so user-friendly, and kid-friendly. I really feel that some teachers are intimidated by notebook software and they let that keep them from using their board as anything other than a screen. I think Gynzy will inspire them to use it to do some really neat activities with their students  I haven't tried it out in a classroom yet, but my goal is to give it a try with all lower elementary classrooms next week.  I looked at a lot of the tools, and they have some really neat ones to choose from. I love the birthday cake - you choose your cake style,  add name and age, add decorations, and then it will play happy birthday and you can click a button to blow out the candles. So cute! There are a variety of timers and games - hangman, bingo, match. You can personalize the games with your own words or use computer selected ones. You can add youtube videos and web images. There are a ton of math activities - more of these than anything else. I love the sorting activities - you can choose different objects from a theme and select the number and the kids can sort them. There are different types of lined notebook writing paper. There is an option that allows you to use your webcam and you have an "elmo" or document camera.  There are things a music teacher would find useful - music sheet paper, instrument sounds, an activity with pitch. I really can't wait to try it out in the classroom with students, so check back for more posts about this amazing tool!!  Have you used Gynzy? Is there another website that is similar that you like to use with the IWB? Leave a comment! We love comments at Technology Tailgate!  I almost forgot to mention that they are offering it free right now to teachers, just make sure to click the feedback button and complete the survey and leave feedback. 

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