Thursday, January 3, 2013

Explain Everything- Or Anything You Want!

Hi there! It's Sandy from 

Soaring Through Second

When we get back from break, we're starting subtraction with... wait for it... REGROUPING when we get back!!! Eeeeeek! This is always a tough concept for my 2nd graders, especially in the beginning! 

It's a (paid) app on the iPad that allows you to explain everything- or anything you want. In this case, subtraction with regrouping!

Check it out:


I created this on my iPad. (I was even able to add some cute clip art from my Dropbox account!) (Plus I think there's so much more you can do with this app- I think you can animate stuff...but this was my first attempt at it!)...

I created it, exported it to YouTube, and I'm going to have my kiddos watch this on their iPads for their seat work station on Monday. I feel like watching this video will go over a little better than me trying to keep their attention whole group.

But you could even project a video like this onto the board or SMART board whole group (if you only have one iPad). 

There's also this app:

Educreations! It's very similar to Explain Everything (but it a bit more limited) and it's FREE!

Next step is to have the KIDS start creating these videos to show their thinking and learning!

Happy learning! 
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  1. Sandy,
    Great idea! My class is a 1:1 iPad class and I really struggle getting things from one iPad to another, but it sounds like since Explain Anything uploads to YouTube, it is doable. Thanks for sharing!
    An Open Door

  2. ScreenChomp is another similar app and a little easier to use than Educreations.