Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Online Classroom Stopwatches and Countdown Timers

 Hi Tailgaters! It's Shana from Enchanted with Technology.
Enchanted with Technology
Everyone can enjoy another interactive tool that helps with classroom management and keeps you organized, right? I used to love using  my egg timer in the classroom but for some reason it always hid itself around the room! I learned about Online Stopwatch a few years back and it's great to use in the classroom. I'm a huge fan of using the Promethean board so the countdown timers are awesome to display while students are working on a task. I also deliver professional development to teachers so this is always a hit to model how they can use it in the classroom. I will pull one up in training while they are working or collaborating on a group activity. There are several different types for you to choose from so it's not the same old egg timer each time. I listed a few of my favorites, but as you can see from the screenshot there are quite a few to select. I highly recommend checking out the Classroom Timers; students love them!

The Bomb Countdown is....well the bomb! You can choose your time preference then click "Set."
  You will then see the spark get closer and closer to going off as the time nears.

The rocket is another popular one, as well.
The running timer is one of my favorites. If you like it, they also have a swimming timer you can check out too.

Just a few more I like....

The next time you start looking for your stopwatch or egg timer, remember to give Online Stopwatch a try. It's always around and available when you need it.
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  1. Thanks for reminding me of this! I totally forgot! I have been using my iPhone. I bookmarked it tonight!

  2. Thanks for sharing.. Very nice collection of online stopwatches. It's very useful one for my work.

  3. Hey iintegratetechnology, I believe this timer is flash based which means it will not work on your iPad or iPhone. For that you should try http://ipadstopwatch.com

  4. Fantastic information in stopwatch is perfect design and users can easily to operate and your pictures are too good. Nice!!