Sunday, November 25, 2012

Using MentorMob in the Classroom!

Hey all!  It's Kate from EduKate and Inspire.  I am thankful that Thanksgiving Break has allowed me to catch up on blogging!  I’m  pumped about the latest technology resource I’ve been using in my classroom—MentorMob!  Have you heard of it?  I first learned about MentorMob through my friend, Erin Klein @ Kleinspiration.  MentorMob has allowed me to easily organize all of my YouTube videos for the classroom.  Best news is… it’s free and easy to use.  Here’s a short clip about it:

This school year has been the first year we've been allowed to use YouTube in the classroom.  I was thrilled by this decision because there are a TON of quality songs and videos for the classroom.  Although YouTube allows you to organize videos directly on their site,  it does not prevent inappropriate ads and other videos from showing up when you access the videos in your classroom.  Enter… MentorMob!

Once I created my MentorMob account, I began to create “playlists” to organize my content.  So far, I have 7 playlists: Language, Science, Math, Reading, Social Studies, Birthdays, and my favorite—Brain Breaks!  Once you have your playlists created, all you have to do is copy and paste your YouTube link into MentorMob and your video will be saved for future streaming.  Although I mainly use MentorMob for YouTube videos, you can also use the site to organize other content, too! 

Alright, here it is… 10 Reasons Why I Love Mentor Mob:

1) On MentorMob, students cannot see any inappropriate videos that may appear in the sidebar if you use YouTube directly. 

2) Using MentorMob eliminates video ads and commercials that typically play on YouTube before your desired video.

3) With MentorMob, I can quickly access any of my digital content saved for a lesson.  I keep MentorMob in my bookmark bar and use it daily throughout my lessons!

4) MentorMob is easy for students to navigate.  I sent my MentorMob link to my students’ parents and am thrilled by the amount of students who re-watch our learning songs and videos at home!! 

5) You can embed your MentorMob playlists!  This is a great feature if you have a classroom blog or website.  For example, here is my students’ favorite playlist—Brain Breaks!

Come stop by my blog to read about 5 more reasons I love MentorMob!  If you start creating playlists, please share your profile link in the comments so I can check out what you make!

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