Saturday, November 3, 2012

Taking Online Spelling Tests on

Many of you are probably using Spelling City in your classrooms to practice spelling words, but have you ever thought about or tried having your students take their weekly spelling tests online?  With Spelling City, students can take a test at their own pace and have words repeated and read to them in a sentence multiple times.  If you have a technology lab, cart or are 1:1, all of your students could take the test at the same time without even logging in.  If you just have access to a few computers or iPads at a time, you could have students take the test in a center or take turns testing. 

Here is what the students see when they are taking the spelling test.  They can click the “Say It” and “Sentence” buttons as many times as they need to hear the words repeated and read in a sentence.

Once they are done, students can see their score one of two ways.  This is the spelling report, which can be printed and sent home.

This is a certificate that can be printed and brought home as well.

In an effort to conserve paper and avoid printing, I have my fourth graders fill out this form so their parents can see how they did.  Feel free to click the image to download it at my TpT store.:)

I have my Spelling City lists linked to my classroom website so my students can easily access the tests.  I obviously make my students show me their score and words missed before collecting their papers.  By the way, I use the FREE version of Spelling City, which allows me to post multiple lists so I can still differentiate.  I have to say this saves me SO much time and sure beats having to grade 28 individual tests and read off multiple lists. 

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  1. I love this! I've been trying to think of how I can manage multiple spelling lists better. Thanks!

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