Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hello, ladies! And maybe even a gentleman or two.  It's Megan from I Teach.  What's Your Super Power?

I know many of you are fellow font obsessed sufferers.  I {LOVE} FONTS.  This may or may not have gotten out of control.  I won't tell you how many fonts I have.  It's an embarrassing number. Anyway, when I go to create something, it involves a lot of scrolling.  I forget about fonts, I get bored with trying out different fonts.  But, there's this snazzy website called wordmark.it to help you out with this little problem.  Bonus?  It's super easy to use.
And what would a post about fonts be without some font eye candy?  Here a few fonts I've been enjoying recently.


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  1. I love wordmark it! I use it ALL the time and it is soooo neat! Although then I always find a bunch of fonts that I want to use and then the hard decision is narrowing it down! :)

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  2. I found Wordmark it a few months ago and I LOVE it! It is so helpful when you have 700+ fonts... :)
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