Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Use EduCreations to Record Grammar Lessons

I recently received an IPad and I’ve been playing around with some ways to use it in my classroom.  Today, we used EduCreations to record our grammar lesson.  I created a print screen of our Daily Language Review and inserted it into EduCreations on slide 1 and typed in our Daily Diagraming Sentences and Verb Conjugation Box into EducCreations on slide 2.  This whole process took about 4 minutes, which is at least half of the time it takes for a student (or I) to write the same information on the board.  In addition to being a time saver, I was also able to record our actual activity during the lesson and I plan to show it to the parents to explain our grammar program better to them.  Here’s the video that we created today:

Grab the Verb Conjugation Box Sheet free at my blog – Raki’s Rad Resources.

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources

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