Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nouns, SMART Board, Apps, Printables

Inductive Learning
Students sort words into groups and label their groups. 

Students record results on paper and label groups.
Have a great discussion about groups. 

Make predictions about groups.

Give students the Common Noun and Proper Noun label and ask them to sort again not telling them what a Common Noun or Proper Noun is yet!
Discuss results. Share posters.

Have students sort again correctly and glue on sheet. Great way to teach Common and Proper Nouns. 
This is my favorite online Common & Proper Noun game:

Noun Dunk

There are TONS of US President Apps. 
This one is $1.99 but good!

Students write a sentence using both words on the line. This is called 3 Way tie.

Compare and Contrast

Practice letter writing! Ask students to choose 1.

End of the week quick assessment

Map Skills

Student cut and paste on timeline.

There are 3 pages to glue to make a timeline. Students assemble and put Lincoln hat on timeline. 

Each week my students struggle with the extended response question on the Weekly Assessment. I decided to make this to use with my students. They will have a copy and I will show it on my SMART Board to highlight with the students the actual sentences in story that are evidence. Hopefully if I do this each week, they will catch on how to do it alone! If you have any great ideas for this PLEASE HELP!

10 Important Sentences
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