Tuesday, October 23, 2012

iMovie App on iPad- Cause & Effect

Click HERE to watch our Award Video. Students made a quick iMovie by using the iMovie App on our iPad to present our awards below!
This app is a MUST HAVE!

A TRUE story about 2 Fearless Dogs inspire our AWARDS! To view a Tara and Tiree Unit and a previous post, Click link- http://iintegratetechnology.blogspot.com/2012/10/unit-2-week-1-reading-street-dogs-apps.html

Students created awards for these AMAZING dogs by applying their CAUSE and EFFECT skills! 
Effect- What award would you like to give to the dog?
Cause- Why did the dog deserve the award? 
Students used evidence from the story to support their awards and decisions. 

Fearless Award for not being scared at all.

Best Collar Award for using her collar to save Jim.

Best Swimmer Award for swimming and not giving up.

Best on Ice Award for standing on the ice and it didn't even break!

Best Dog Award for saving Jim.

Best Love Award for loving Jim all the time.

Best Dog Award for saving Jim. 

Best Fetch Award for fetching Jim out of the water.

Best Rescue Award for climbing up Jim's back

Best Protection Award for helping Jim out of the water

Best Trainer Award for listening to Jim when he trained her

Fast Runner Award for hearing Jim and running fast

Best Idea Award for climbing Jim's back to get out of the water. 

This activity might be fun to try with a different story also!
Click HERE for Free Award Printable
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