Sunday, October 14, 2012

Have you seen the Nabi?

Tablets are one of the hottest things going right now.  With all the educational apps being developed, you just can't go wrong putting a tablet in the hands of your students, can you?  Maybe some of you are more tech savvy than I am. Maybe there are some tools that let you control the apps on your tablet. My experience with the iPad and iPod touch is that once the app is installed it is accessible to any user on the device.

Well... let me tell you about the Nabi. This tablet is pretty cool in my book and at the price of $199 it gets my vote!  It comes with a protective rubberized casing that is perfect for kids.  What I really love is that it has two primary operational modes.  The default mode is Nabi mode which is for the kids.  Then you can switch to mommy/daddy (ie: teacher) mode to have more options.  From this 2nd mode, you determine which apps are active on the Nabi mode.  If I want my students to work only on math apps then I simply deactivate all the others.  This is seriously awesome in my book!

The OS is Android based which enables the Amazon Adroid AppStore to be available as a means for procuring additional apps. I could go on and on about all the other options, but the fact is that this measures up to every other tablet on the market IMHO. OK so there are some things it doesn't do, but they are soooo very minor in my book.  The camera only faces one direction, for example.

So, where do you get this cool school friendly tablet? Wal-mart is where I found mine.  They are created by Fuhu. You can get them at Best Buy, Game Stop, Amazon, and Target, as well as directly from

If you're an educator and you haven't written a proposal before, now would be a great time.  They are in the middle of the friends and family campaign.  Since Best Buy is one of their vendors, this should be an item you could write a proposal for.  I think I'm heading over there to see if I can get a few more for my classroom.

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