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FREE Word Work Apps

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In my class we've been working on a (modified) version of Daily 5 (and I'll post more about how it's working out later)! I wanted to share some Word Work apps with you that can be used if you have a device, or your kiddos have them! And they're all free! Just click the pictures to take you to the app!

Build a Word Express

This app allows kids to create simple words, all within the same word family. I like it because it uses sounds boxes according to sounds, not letters, it sounds out the words as you build them, differentiates between vowels, and consonants, and gives immediate feedback. It has three modes: learn, practice, and test. 

Spelling City

We all know and love Spelling City! And if you have a subscription, you can create your own word lists on here for your kiddos. Without a subscription, there are some various word lists that the kids can use that are pretty good! There are six different modes on this app: Spelling Test, HangMouse, Teach Me, Match It Sentences, WhichWord Sentences?, and Sentence Unscramble. 

Hooked on Words

This is just like Boggle! Find and make words! It's super fun!!!


Kids are given a set of letters, and have to see how many words they can make out of those letters. And there's one big word that can be made using all of the letters. (It reminds me of Making Words!) 

Simplex Spelling 

This app gives kids practice spelling words (again, with the paid version you can import your own word lists for the kids). It reads a word, has the kid spell it, and uses sound boxes for "hints". I like it because it gives immediate feedback and gives lots of support. 

I'm loving using our iPads because it's SO much less prep for me!!! AND less mess for the kiddies!!! A win-win! :)

You can download a free Word Work recording sheet by heading over to my blog by clicking the picture below. I try to hold the kids accountable by having them complete something, or even at least having them fill out their "favorite" word they created or worked on during this station. 

I think soon I am going to teach them how to take a screen shot of their work on their iPad, then email it to me or put it in their Dropbox. That way, I'll know what they were working on, it holds them accountable, and it eliminates the need for them to write words on their piece of paper and just focuses them to work with words the entire time! :) 

All of these apps I mentioned can be upgraded for $$$, but the free ones are working for us right now! Are there any word work apps you use in your classroom??? Please share! :-)

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