Wednesday, October 10, 2012


BiblioNasium is a community for parents, teachers, and students ages 6-12 to connect with each other and share their favorite books. It allows you to give your students a "guide" as they independently read. 

Click below to take a "tour" of BiblioNasium:

Some of the things you can do using BiblioNasium are:

- Monitor what students are reading and help them expand their genre choices
- Track what level books students are reading based on the Lexile scores of the books
- Create virtual bookshelves of what students are reading and want to read
- Students are encouraged to write book recommendations, which fosters peer-to-peer connections with reading

While I haven't gotten to try out BiblioNasium myself, it looks like a fun way to get students excited about independent reading!

It was also featured in The Journal this summer; check out the article here:

Comment if you try it with your students! I'd love to know what you think!


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