Sunday, October 28, 2012

Research the Presidents

 With the US election coming soon, this is a great time to research past presidents.  Here are some great websites for kids to use when conducting their research.


Use this website with your class to help guide research on one or many of the US presidents

This great website, the National Portrait Gallery, is run by the Smithsonian and provides good quality information on each president from George Washington to William Clinton.




Use this website with your class to help guide research on one or many of the US presidents

On the White House’s Website, there is a page devoted solely to biographies of all of the presidents up to and including the current president, Barrak Obama.  The biographies on this site are very complete, but they are also quite long and can be complicated for younger students and weaker readers.



Use this website with your class to help guide research on one or many of the US presidents.

The Miller Center, a part of the University of Virginia, runs this great site that has a Reference page covering all of the presidents from George Washington to our current president, Barrak Obama.  The biographies give quick fast and are short and sweet, which is easier for younger students and weaker readers when they are doing research.

Use this free downloadable project matrix and the websites from my blog (Raki's Rad Resources) to help your students research the past presidents.Want a project matrix for your students to work on while using these websites to research a president?  Stop by my blog - Raki’s Rad Resources and download a free copy.

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources

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Saturday, October 27, 2012


ConTRACTion Fun!

Click HERE to download FREE ConTRACTtion SMART Board File & Printables. 

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Grammar Jammers iPad & iPod Activity Sheets


Click HERE to visit

to download FREE iPad and iPod Activity Sheets for the Grammar Jammer App.
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iPad Animal Sorting Center

Students love learning about animals and they love iPads!  A great recipe for a fun activity! Check out how we are integrating using iPads to enrich our learning of pets this week.  

Don't have iPads? Check out the lesson and then substitute using iPads for animal websites such as...


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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Creating a Mock Election Using Google Forms

Hi Everyone, this is Kristen Hernandez from
I wanted to post about using Google Forms to create a Mock Election for the upcoming election. This is a great way to get your students involved since they are not able to vote yet. I worked with one of my librarians to get the form created and the webpage set up. This has been such an awesome experience!

To learn how to set up a Google Form, check out this article:

Embed a form in a website or blog

If you'd like to embed your form in a website or blog after you create and save your form, click the More actions drop-down menu at the top of the form, select the Embed option, and paste the URL into your site or blog.

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Inferencing with Strip Design and FlipSnack

Third grade students at both my campuses utilized the app, Strip Design to make inferences based on a picture. Students selected a picture and wrote a sentence on what they inferred happened before the picture was taken and what they inferred happened after the picture was taken. Products were then saved as a pdf and uploaded to FlipSnack, a free (with limitations) interactive book. (Direct link to Inferencing flipbook.)

Note: If you do not have access to an idevice, you could always use Pages, Publisher, or Word to create the document/product.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tips and Tricks: Interactive Hundreds Grid for SMART Board!

Using the Hundreds Grid for Counting Patterns

Sometimes the best discoveries happen by accident!  I've been using SMART Notebook for about five years.  I always enjoy learning new tricks the software, Notebook, is able to do.  Two years ago, I became a SMART Exemplary Educator, SEE.  I've been able to attend various trainings and meet many professionals who are very skilled in this area. 

Though I can do many tricks with the software, I'm always excited when I stumble upon a new function.  Many of you may already know this, but I was surprised to find that you can use the eraser to make certain number cells on the grid disappear.  

{click here to see how to use this simple and effective tool}

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Use EduCreations to Record Grammar Lessons

I recently received an IPad and I’ve been playing around with some ways to use it in my classroom.  Today, we used EduCreations to record our grammar lesson.  I created a print screen of our Daily Language Review and inserted it into EduCreations on slide 1 and typed in our Daily Diagraming Sentences and Verb Conjugation Box into EducCreations on slide 2.  This whole process took about 4 minutes, which is at least half of the time it takes for a student (or I) to write the same information on the board.  In addition to being a time saver, I was also able to record our actual activity during the lesson and I plan to show it to the parents to explain our grammar program better to them.  Here’s the video that we created today:

Grab the Verb Conjugation Box Sheet free at my blog – Raki’s Rad Resources.

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources

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iMovie App on iPad- Cause & Effect

Click HERE to watch our Award Video. Students made a quick iMovie by using the iMovie App on our iPad to present our awards below!
This app is a MUST HAVE!

A TRUE story about 2 Fearless Dogs inspire our AWARDS! To view a Tara and Tiree Unit and a previous post, Click link-

Students created awards for these AMAZING dogs by applying their CAUSE and EFFECT skills! 
Effect- What award would you like to give to the dog?
Cause- Why did the dog deserve the award? 
Students used evidence from the story to support their awards and decisions. 

Fearless Award for not being scared at all.

Best Collar Award for using her collar to save Jim.

Best Swimmer Award for swimming and not giving up.

Best on Ice Award for standing on the ice and it didn't even break!

Best Dog Award for saving Jim.

Best Love Award for loving Jim all the time.

Best Dog Award for saving Jim. 

Best Fetch Award for fetching Jim out of the water.

Best Rescue Award for climbing up Jim's back

Best Protection Award for helping Jim out of the water

Best Trainer Award for listening to Jim when he trained her

Fast Runner Award for hearing Jim and running fast

Best Idea Award for climbing Jim's back to get out of the water. 

This activity might be fun to try with a different story also!
Click HERE for Free Award Printable
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Note App & Common Core

We have been working on Common Core Standard L.2.1f

As a culminating activity, students used the Note App on our iPods to publish their expanded sentences. 
Notes were emailed and printed.
They were enlarged on the copy machine.
Students illustrated each sentence. This was a great way to represent- that sentences become more interesting when you add descriptive words and illustrations do too!

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