Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photobucket App=Blogging Life Easier

Hello Tailgaters!  It's Megan from I Teach.  What's Your Super Power?

Everybody knows about Photobucket.  But I just recently caught onto this whole Photobucket App thing.  So, normally:

I take photos in my class with my phone, e-mail them to myself, and then save them to my blog folder, resize if necessary, and then either stick them in Blogger or upload them to Photobucket and then stick them into my blog post.

Good grief.  I'm worn out typing this.  I'm surprised any pictures end up on my blog. Anywho, on to the Photobucket App.

1.You take a picture on your camera like usual.  This is my blogging buddy, Perry.  Everytime you read a blog post, know that he was right next to me while I typed it.  Possibly laying on the mouse and part of the keyboard in a passive aggressive attempt to get my attention.

2.  Go to your Photobucket App.

3.  Tap Upload Media at the bottom of your screen.

4.  Then, select Choose Existing (or you can skip the first step and take your picture from within the app by tapping Choose Camera!)

5.  Find your picture.  Tap it.

☞I know half of you are now crazy distracted by my pictures.  Most are from my blog, one is a dinner's ready taunting text to my mom, one is self requested photo of daughter #2 in her spy get up, crazy self portrait by same daughter, and pictures from something MAJOR happening in my backyard.  Moving on.

6.  Wait two seconds.

Now your photo is waiting for you online in your Photobucket account!!  Woohoo.  I just did it again to time myself and it took me 10 seconds to get from picture taking to uploaded onto Photobucket for this snapshot:

Much better, my friends, much better than the old way.  Also, I would like to say in the interest of full disclosure that I am not a crazy cat lady, but Perry is a much better photo subject than, say, the half eaten bag of Jelly Bellies on my computer desk.

Thanks for letting me stop by and visit!

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  1. OooOOooooOo! Very excited about this app, thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. Thanks! This is awesome!
    ~April @ ideabackpack.blogspot.com