Monday, September 24, 2012

LoxiaStudio: A FREE Flash Photo Slideshow Maker

Happy Monday!
LoxiaStudio: What a cool way to create and publish FREE FLASH photo slideshow animations.  According to the site:

  • LoxiaStudio specializes in the creation of creative content development tools.
  • There aim is to provide everyone with an easy and quick way of making high-quality animations, without the need for the technical know-how typically associated with this sort of task.
  • Manual editing of XML files isn’t required, nor is a working knowledge of Flash or Photoshop (or, for that matter Actionscript, Javascript or HTML).
It is VERY user friendly. You can:
  • Crop and resize your pictures, add titles ,descriptions and links, customize size, layout and color, all of this is done online and in less than 1 minute.
  • They offer 52 different components (styles) ranging from a 3D rotating cube gallery to a sliding panels CSS3 animation.
Click on this link to view a project in which 5th grade students at both my schools were assigned a number and had to describe the number using 8 different vocabulary words (prime/composite, even/odd, etc) and find 5 real-life examples of the number (news from that day of the year, sports jerseys, historical events, etc).

Have a good one!

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