Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Linoit: An Alternative to Wallwisher

Hi! It's Kiki from Techie-Bytes! A while ago, I came across an alternative to Wallwisher which offers robust features which are quite unique and different to Wallwisher. is a cool web-based alternative to Wallwisher. It allows one to store and organize sticky notes, collaborate on notes with others and set due dates - to name a few. One of the other cool features is the ability to organize notes into different bulletin boards (canvases). For instance, you can keep work-related and personal notes in separate bulletin boards. 

 Checkout some of the other cool features of Linoit: 
  • Create sticky notes and use them to manage to-do lists, store notes and collaborate on ideas. 
  • Group stickies into different canvases/tabs (work, personal, etc.) and use tags to organize them further.
  •  Create as many canvases and sticky notes as you need. 
  • Keep your sticky notes private or share and collaborate on notes with others. 
  • You can share notes with others on ‘view only’ or ‘view & edit’ basis. 
  • Assign due dates and setup automatic email alerts when someone posts to your canvas. Calendar: 
  • Use the mini-calendar on the right-bottom of the canvas to browse stickies by due date. 
  • Customize stickies: change background or upload your own background, color, change font size, assign icons, drag and drop, etc. 

Note: If I could change one thing, it would be the ability to scroll through the embedded Linoit like Wallwisher and the option to moderate the posts. Other than that, I personally, am looovving it  - much more than Wallwisher - but check it out yourself and you decide!

They also have a free app which I have used in various staff developments this past summer!  

Below is a Linoit, I created for my online book study. I asked the question on how they could use Linot or Wallwisher in their classroom. As you will see, they had some great ideas! 
Hope the start of your year is going great!

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