Sunday, September 2, 2012

iMovie Trailers

Hi there! It's Sandy from

Soaring Through Second

Have you ever used iMovie before...?!?!? Have you played with the movie trailer function??? Too much fun!!! And super easy!!! We had a district wide common core training last week, and one of our tasks at the end of the training was to create an iMovie trailer on what we learned about common core. It was hilarious! There are lots of different themes to choose from, too!

I created one to give my students a peek into our classroom. I posted it on our classroom blog so my new kiddos can take a peek into our classroom before Tuesday morning. Here it is...

If you have devices or computers in your classroom with iMovie, kiddos could create quick movie trailers to show what they've learned, respond to new ideas, and reflect on learning. Or, you could create one to introduce a new topic! The possibilities are absolutely endless!!!

I hope you are enjoying your three day weekend!!! This is my last weekend of summer and I am looking forward to relaxing and enjoying it!!!!
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