Monday, August 27, 2012

You've Found a Goggle Doc Freebie---Now What?

Don't you just love the excitement you feel when you stumble on an awesome resource, then find out its FREE?! Jackpot! Although there are many ways to share documents many bloggers, including myself, use Google Docs. In this post, I'm going to show you around Google Docs, and help answer some questions that may pop up when accessing those awesome freebies. At the end, you'll find some freebies to enjoy!

So, you've found that great resource and clicked on the link:
The green circle indicates the type of file. Usually files shared in the blogosphere are .pptx or .pdf. The ".pptx" means it is a PowerPoint file and must be opened with PowerPoint or something comparable, like Open Office

Many times the freebie is something you can use "as is" and you may want to print it right away. However, if you want to download it, click on "File" where you see the red circle, then click "Download as" (purple circle). 

Most users will choose Microsoft PowerPoint as the file type to download. After you've downloaded, if you have this program on your computer, you can open the document and add text boxes to personalize your item. In PowerPoint, simply click on "insert" and "text box." Because of copyright protection and terms of use, you will likely not be able to change anything about the graphics. 

Many people will click "File" then "Share." That's a deceptive little word. I encourage you to NOT do this, and here is why: When a user requests to "share" a file, they are asking permission to view and edit the original document. For example, let's say user A selects the "share" option because they want their friend to see this great freebie. It was a nice thought, but here's what happens: the creator of the doc receives an email asking to "share." If the creator chooses to allow "sharing" then the people who gain access are now able to edit, delete, save, or change the document in any way. Enter user B, who would like to download the original document. Oops! User A has made changes! How do I know this? You guessed it...been there, done that. 

Hopefully that will answer some questions about how to use some of those great docs you've found. Now, on to some freebies! These are the divider pages for my binders and I've left them blank for you to personalize. Each set has pages with the little girl and without the little girl. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoy these!

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  1. You are ABSOLUTELY amazing. Thank you for the freebies and information.
    Blue and green are kinda my thing now, so that middle one is PERFECT!!

    Antoinette :)

  2. Super cute freebies. I used to love google docs. Unfortunately, a while back it became really difficult to save items on an iPad. (now you have to change to desktop mode and go through several steps). I use Dropbox to hare documents to keep my friends with iPads happy. A freebie has to pretty amazing for me to crawl out of bed and grab my laptop to use google doc. (I'm a night time blog reader).