Monday, August 6, 2012

Transitions & Cutting Music Using GarageBand- An Easy Tutorial

Hi everyone! It's Sandy from 

Soaring Through Second

A while back on my blog, I did a post about using music for transitions in my classroom. Lots of us do this and it's simply brilliant. Whenever my mom comes into my classroom, she says my kids are "trained like dogs" because they respond so well to the music.

Well, I used to have all of the songs on my iPod that was hooked up to the speakers on the SMART board. Anytime I needed a song to play, I would have to get up (from wherever I was in the classroom) and put the song on (because I didn't want my kiddo's grimy little hands touching my personal iPod). This was not very convenient for me, but it worked. So, you can imagine my excitement when I had this serious lightbulb moment thanks to Pinterest!!!

                                                                       Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

Mrs. Lirette at Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives is a genius! 
Embed all the songs in a SMART board file!!! Duh!!!! Now I can have it up all day, the KIDS can press the song we need (when I tell them to of course!!!) and I'm not having to worry about my iPod all day!!! 

So, I got to work and started to create my SMART board file.

(I am obsessed with this background!!! It's from Maree Truelove!) 

You just press the star to play the song! But the songs I've been using (for the last five years) are starting to get on my nerves... So I picked some new songs from iTunes- some of my favorites:

Pink Panther
Austin Powers
I Like to Move it

Problem: The songs were too long. I'm sorry but the kids don't need 3 minutes and 47 seconds to line up. 

Enter GarageBand.

I created this tutorial (this is my FIRST tutorial!!! Ever! I hope it turned out okay!) to show you how to cut the songs down in GarageBand and embed them into a SMART board file. It's super easy. And if I can do it, you can too! Trust me!!!

What songs do you use for transitions??? Any fun ones?!? Like, I said, my old ones are driving me nuts and I need new ones! 


I hope this helps you get ready for next year!!! 

Soaring Through Second

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  1. Love, love, love this! I love music in the classroom all around, and have always wanted to get some stuff sset up for various transitions. This is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great tutorial! I have a question, though: do you have to do all of these steps on the same computer? For instance, I have a Mac laptop at home that has GarageBand (yay!), but I don't have the Notebook program. My school laptop doesn't have GarageBand OR iTunes, but it does have the Notebook program. I'm guessing that you have to do all of these steps on the same computer, since you can't really transfer iTunes files, right?

    ~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog

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