Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Math Websites

I love to use a variety of websites as a part of my computer center, homework suggestions and general instruction time, especially in math!  There are so many great websites out there, but my all time favorite is Virtual Manipulatives.  Every math manipulative that you have (or should have) in the math manipulative kit that comes math website for kidswith your math series can be found in virtual form on this website. There are also new, different ways to manipulate these manipulatives that I have found only here. For example, this site allows you to subtract with base ten blocks, and the blocks that are “taken away” truly go away. In addition to base ten blocks, there are also number lines, clocks, money, tangrams, pattern blocks and more. It works fabulously with a projector and an interactive board, but is just as much fun at a single computer during centers.

logophotocomboI recently wrote a post with my top 10 Math Websites at my blog, Raki’s Rad Resources.  Of course, Virtual Manipulatives made the list, but there are 9 other amazing Math websites there too, so please stop by and check them out.

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources

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  1. The NLVM is great for all grades and subjects! You should also check out wootmath.com/interactive -- there are some excellent rational numbers and fractions manipulatives.

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