Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back To School Wordle Project

Hi!  My name is Susan and I love sharing technology treats on my blog, The Digital Scoop.  Here's a quick and easy project using Wordle.

I recently came across an article on Tech & Learning on 12 Valuable Wordle Tips.  I knew some of the tips, but did learn a few things.  One of the tips was how to make numbers show in Wordles.  This got me thinking about creating a classroom wordle with all the kids in the room and the room number really big.  I think this would make a fabulous open house display!

Steps for creating a class list Wordle:
  1. Go to Wordle and click on create.
  2. Type in or copy and paste in your class list.  Don't forget yourself.
  3. Enter in your room number and repeat it 4-5 times.  This will cause Wordle to make it bigger than all the names.
  4. Click Go.
  5. You will probably notice your room number isn't showing.  Click Language and deselect remove numbers.  
  6. Now comes the fun part, choosing colors, fonts, and layouts!

I hope this mini tutorial inspires your creativity!  I would love to hear if you make one of these!

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  1. I love using Wordle and Tagxedo. This is a great display. I just made one for my new room as I take over the computer lab! Check out my blog !

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