Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Web 2.0 Tool: Edmodo

Hi everyone! It's Sandy from Soaring Through Second. I hope you are squeezing all the fun you can out of the rest of your summer vacation!!!

As we start to think about the upcoming school year, this might be a tool you can use in your classroom!

Have you heard of Edmodo???

It's like Facebook for the classroom (and much safer and secure!!!)

Here's their online schpeel (is that a word??? Don't think so):

I've used Edmodo in my classroom for the past year with my 2nd graders and I loved it! I've primarily used it with writing and reading response. In the beginning, I would post a question or a prompt, and the kids would respond. Once we got rolling, they were able to post their own questions to each other, and respond to other student's responses. (Does that make sense???) Sometimes it was a must do, other times it was something the kiddos could do when they finished their work. Take a look!

In the beginning of the year, I was so disappointed in the responses I was getting on Edmodo. One word, no thought responses. Then I realized I needed to teach them how to respond in a thoughtful and appropriate manner. (A lesson on completed sentences didn't hurt, either! ;-) By the end of the year, I was floored with how much improvement they had made, and about the overall content of their responses. 

Here are some positives about Edmodo:
  • It allows everyone to be heard- even your quietest students! 
  • You can use it with any subject area! Any! 
  • It works on both devices and the website. So, you don't necessarily need iPads or iPods in your classroom to use it! Just computers.
  • It's free! 
  • It's got a Facebook feel to it so the kids like it too!
  • Kids and families can access it from home! 
  • There's an app for it! (Like everything else, right!) :-)
And some negatives:
  • It took a looooooooooog time to teach my 2nd graders how to use this. I think they just weren't used to typing and how to post things, etc. But once they learned, easy cheesy and well worth it! I probably wouldn't use it with kiddos under 2nd grade. (Have you used it with K or 1st??? If so, I'd love to hear about it!) 
And just some little things I noticed:
  • The first thing the kids like to do is go in and change their profile picture. :)
  • It is a great opportunity to discuss appropriate things to post, and how when we post things online, they are there for everyone to see. For example, posting "You are stooped. You are not my frend enymor" is not appropriate. (This could also lead to a great spelling lesson!!!) 
I've used Edmodo in professional developments, I've seen middle school teachers use it to assign homework and assignments and keep in touch with parents...the possibilities are endless!  
Have you used Edmodo??? I'd love to hear about it!!! 

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  1. I LOVE Edmodo! I used it with my 5th graders last year. We used it in collaboration with Skype to connect with another class in Maryland. It was a great way to teach the kids how "netiquette" and they had so much fun! I'm glad you posted this because I'm planning on using it with my lower grade levels this year and I'll know what to expect! :)

  2. Our school uses Edmodo for our staff communication. I like that the app keeps me up to date. I haven't looked into using it for my class so I'm excited by this post.

    Surfing to Success

  3. Thanks for posting this! I have wanted to use Edmodo but had no idea where to start.