Saturday, July 7, 2012

Scootpad: Great Common Core Practice Site

Hey everyone, it's Kate from EduKate & Inspire.  Today's blog is about a new website that has been flying under the radar!
1)  It's free!
2)  There are no ads! {this is a huge plus for any site I use with my class!!}
3)  Students can sign on from school or home!

Have you heard of it?  It was created last December and I started using it in March. I first heard about Scootpad from an administrator in my district who emailed us all the info.  I think you will love it! Here is the basic overview for teachers:

Basically, Scootpad is a site where students can go to practice all of the Common Core standards for math and reading.  The site is adaptive, so students can move through the standards at their own pace.  You can also modify the content to meet the needs of specific students!  As a teacher, you will be able to see data {a lot of graphs!!} about how each student is performing and can also get detailed email updates about students' progress.  Before you get too excited, let me mention one quick thing:

Good News: Common Core math and reading practice is available for grades 1-3

Bad News: Practice is not available for grades K or 4-5, but the site says it's coming soon!!

So that was the basic info, but let me tell you why my students love Scootpad...

1) Rewards... of course!  I am typically not a big fan of having a lot of incentives for students {in my opinion, intrinsic motivation is always the best}, but they sure were a great motivator on Scootpad. As students complete practices on Scootpad, they earn coins.  In your teacher account, you can create rewards and specify the amount of coins that each reward is worth.  You can use tangible items like candy or a pencil, or set other rewards like lunch with the teacher or show and tell {I do not do show and tell in second grade, so this was a highly coveted prize!}  Parents can also set rewards for their child to earn at home. Here is a screenshot of my rewards page:

2)  Social media... students love being able to connect with their friends on Scootpad!  They can send messages to each other, choose a smiley face to indicate how they are feeling for the day, pick out their own avatar, check out their news feed (updates about messages from friends and coins they have earned), look at the class wall (with posts from the teacher), and check out the leader boards. One nice feature is that the messages are pre-selected, so students can't actually type anything to each other {otherwise, they'd spend all day sending messages instead of practicing!}.  As the teacher, you CAN type messages to students, which is great for encouragement.  Here is a screen shot of the cute messages students can send to friends:

3) Badges:  Students can earn badges to show off their hard work!  I love the 100% Ninja badge :)

Click the button below to be taken to the Scootpad website!

Stop by my blog to read more about how I use Scootpad in my classroom and see other technology tips!

How could you use Scootpad in your classroom?  
What are some fun rewards you would set up for your students?
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! It seems like a great program that I definitely want to try out!

    The Resource Room Teacher

  2. I just signed up for ScootPad and shared with with the rest of my faculty! It's great. I wish there was an option to have the computer read the question to the student, but I still love it! I feature new blogs on Tuesdays on my blog. If you are interested in having this one on there, just email me! Thanks for sharing this!
    :) Dana
    Fun in 1st Grade

    1. Hi Dana! Thanks for your comment. I wish there was that option too, but maybe in the future! There is a spot on their site where you can suggest features and a lot of things I have suggested in the past have been changed. Maybe if enough of us suggest a read aloud feature they will add it! I will email you :)

      EduKate and Inspire

    2. Do either of you happen to work on a Mac? If so, you can have your computer read any text on your screen by using the Speech function in your System Preferences. Check the box that reads "Speak selected text when the key is pressed," and then choose the key combination you want to represent this function. Now, highlight the text, and press your selected key combination to hear your computer read the passage. Very useful for students, and for teachers as well. I generally have my computer read email messages to me before I send to parents or colleagues to prevent sending notes riddled with typos.
      --Sue Bailey
      Tech Talk for Teachers

    3. Who knew?! That's a great tip, Sue! Thanks for letting us know!

    4. Haven't tested it thoroughly yet, but it appears that the ChromeVox extension for the Google Chrome browser allows you to have selected portions read aloud as well... could be a good option for PC users, or especially for schools using Google Apps for Education.

  3. Hi Kate & Others,

    This is the ScootPad Team. Firstly, THANK YOU for a wonderful blog post about ScootPad. We would like to clarify a few questions that were posted on this blog:
    1) Availability of K, 4 and 5 grades.
    ==> All grades K-5 for both Math and Reading will be available by Aug 15th (prior to next school year start)

    2) Voice or Read-Aloud feature
    ==> We are implementing voice/read-aloud feature for K and 1st grades - this will also be available by Aug 15th.

    3) Free and Ad-Free:
    ==> ScootPad will be FREE and ad-free for teachers. We will stand by this commitment.

    Should any of you have any questions or need further assistance, first you can review our Teacher Help Center (, Join our live webinars (weekly) or send us an email/feedback to

    ScootPad Team

    1. Thank you for your quick reply to our questions! I will share the news with everyone on here and on my blog!

  4. Hi! I’m one of your newest followers! I nominated you for two awards. Stop by my blog to pick them up!
    Primary Pizzazz

    1. Thanks for following us, Patti! And thanks for the awards!

  5. I mentioned you guys and created a link back to this blog on my newest post! Keep up the good work!
    :) Dana
    Fun in 1st Grade

  6. I am thrilled to have found your blog and am a new follower! Please stop by and join up to my "Blogs of Inspiration" page. I would love to have you. I can't wait to check out Scootpad! It sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Teaching,
    TIPS: Teach, Inspire, and Prepare Students

    1. Thank you for following us, Laura!!

  7. Thank you for sharing this valuable resource! I can't wait to check it out!


  8. Thanks for linking up! Looking forward to checking out Scootpad!