Wednesday, July 11, 2012

KidBlog: Tips and Tricks for Teachers and Students

Hi there! It's Farrah, from ThinkShareTeach, to talk about my favorite site for blogging with kids: KidBlog! Have you started using KidBlog yet? It is such a fabulous (FREE) tool for blogging with students! I started using it two years ago and fell in love with student blogging. There are so many positives: writing for an authentic audience, learning and using digital literacy skills, practicing good writing techniques, learning various technology tidbits (like linking and embedding)...the list goes on and on.

Along the way I decided it might be helpful to make some instructional videos for my class to refer to rather than me repeating the same instructions over and over. I've uploaded the student videos to our class's shared files in Edmodo for easy access. I also made a getting started video for teachers, so if you're a little nervous about blogging with your students or just want to know where to start, check out these videos:

Getting Started for Teachers:

Getting Started for Students:

These videos are part of a series I've created and uploaded to the ALEX Podcast Treasury. To view the others or download, click HERE and in the submitter's name search box type in my name (Farrah Kilgo) and search. The KidBlog series will be listed for you!

I'd love to link up with you on KidBlog! If your students blog, maybe we could get our kiddos to comment on one another's posts. Leave a comment or drop by my blog if you're interested. I'd also love to hear how you're using blogging in the classroom!


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  1. I've bookmarked this! I'm determined to do student blogging this school year! I'm sure I'll be back for advice in a few months :) Thanks for sharing!