Tuesday, July 17, 2012

iTeach- Apps for Teachers

Must have teacher apps! Do you have an iDevice or other tablet that you use to help manage your teacher life?  What are your favorite apps?    These are the 5 apps I use the most to support my classroom instruction and management.  

1.  Teacher’s Assistant Pro- check out my post {here} or description from itunes {here}

2. Stick Pick check out the overview video below. I LOVE Stick Pick! Their slogan is “The right question for the right learner at the right time.”  Do you know about Bloom’s Taxonomy?  Click {here} for some of my favorite Bloom’s Sites. Do you have ELL students?  Do you use the old fashioned sticks out of the can to pick students {or a newer, cuter version}?  You will LOVE Stick Pick!  The Stick Pick app allows you to create multiple rosters for different classes/subjects.  From there you can just enter children’s names or… you can assign them a level of Bloom’s Taxonomy you want to target OR their ELL target level.  I use all three ways.  Once student names are entered into the roster, you are good to go! Click {here} for the Stick Pick blog.  For a description from iTunes click {here}.  Stick Pick is coming soon to Android!

I use this app primarily at two different times:

1. Group games, choosing kids to do stuff, etc.  (They love it- They love that the iPad picks!) I just enter the sticks as “used” for these times

2. To measure and record comprehension during RtI guided reading groups and whole group settings.   They are all entered as different classes/subjects in my app. This is when I use the Bloom’s and ESL mode and ranking of answers. 

I then use my data as easy ongoing assessment data along with having a good amount of data (from throughout the quarter) for report card time and conferences.  Remember even if you have the same kids all day, you need to take advantage of entering multiple classes.  (I.e. I have activities, guided reading groups, RtI, whole group discussion, math, etc)

3. Notability- I use this all the time for check lists. I have my class roster.   Anything that is saved in PDF you can import via Dropbox {click here for Miss A’s tutorial}, email or a few different other options.  You can then write on that document however you wish, I like to use a stylus. You can also create new blank docs and type within this app. There are many, many other things you can do and other similar apps as well with similar features.  For a description from iTunes click {here}

4.Common Core App- I use this app as my go reference for the Common Core Standards.  This App is available in both the iTunes app store and the Android Market.  Click {here} to access the Matery Connect- developer home page.  There is also a widget available for websites and blogs.  

5. Evernote- There is so many AMAZING features with Evernote!  Access on a tablet, Smartphone at any computer… you can even save voice recordings.   Who uses it and how?? I’ve had my account for some time, but haven’t done much with it.  I know this app has endless possibilities!  For a description from iTunes click {here}

I would love to what teacher apps you are using to organize and manage your teacher life.  What are your favorite teacher apps??
 Please ask away if you have ANY questions!!  

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Karla! I'm about to start my first year teaching and have been thinking about ways to use the iPad in the classroom.

    I just discovered Evernote over the weekend and have been brainstorming ways to use it. I want to create a notebook for each student and have the notebook serve as an e-portfolio (great to show for parent conferences!). The audio feature could be used to record a student reading. You could take pictures of student work and upload it to their notebook. You could use the app Penultimate with Evernote, take anecdotal notes about a student, and send it to their Evernote notebook. What do you think?


  2. Hi Alex,
    I had also thought about using Evernote to record student fluency! It would be a great way to organize and have a record. Maybe once a month would be a good goal. Let me know how it goes!

  3. Is stick pic available for the ipad 2?

  4. Yes, it works on all iOS devices. I know. I'm the creator:)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Yes, it's available for Android:)