Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bloomin' iPad Apps

I've been following Kathy Schrock for what seems like FOREVER!  A leading innovator in technology education, Kathy always seems to be on the cutting, BLEEDING edge of the great stuff that technology offers us in the classroom.  She's my hero in terms of all things "techie."

If you haven't ever checked out Kathy's site, click here.  Her "Guide to Everything" is just what it says it is.  I guarantee you'll bookmark her great ideas and refer to them over and over again!

I have always been an Apple Fanatic, and when the iPad came out, my sweetie pie hubby went out and bought one for our 20th wedding anniversary (PLUS the trip to IKEA and Chicago!)

Anywho...wading through the fun that is the world of the Apple App Store and browsing for endless days for the highest quality learning/sharing apps can be a bit daunting.

Enter the brilliant Kathy Schrock!  She not only provides you with an AMAZING list of apps for the iPad, but she organizes it according to Bloom's Taxonomy.  The entire webpage is on STERIODS!  This is serious info for serious tech users!

You've got to check this site out!  Just click on the image above and go directly to Kathy Schrock's Bloomin' iPad graphic.  The beauty of this is that all of the icons are functional and take you directly to the app for more info!  Do this on your iPad and you can automatically download these apps.  All are fantastic apps...no saccharine, sweet, and unfulfilling apps here...everything is absolutely MEATY!

For those of you who crave the apps on Androids...guess what?  She has a Bloomin' graphic for you too!  Google Apps more your speed?  She has one for Google Apps too!  (Guess you could say that Kathy Schrock is a bit of an overachiever!)

She even has a Web 2.0 graphic too!   Love this site to bitty bits...or byttie bytes!  Your choice!

Remember...sharing is caring, so pass this on to a techie sort of colleague.  They'll love you to pieces too!


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  1. What a GREAT resource! I am so going to check this out!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing!! iPads and Androids?
    Almost unheard of! LOL

    1. Oh...I agree Peggy! It's almost like the Hatfields and McCoys...in the same place. Or, to be a little more techie, PCs and Macs, living in harmony!