Tuesday, June 12, 2012


  Are you looking for more ways to integrate technology into your classroom?  Do you love blog hopping, yet get overwhelmed by all the amazing and wonderful ideas out there? 

Well this blog is for you then!  This blog is dedicated to taking all those amazing technology ideas for the classroom and putting them in one place...a Technology Tailgate!

This is a brand new blog dedicated to you the teacher, by showcasing real technology ideas for use in your classroom through a collaborative effort of teacher bloggers. To share ideas and demonstrate real ways technology is being used in the classroom.  As we move towards full implementation of Common Core, many of us our asking ourselves, "How am I preparing my students to be digital learners, collaborators and leaders?" Please check out the tabbed pages for more information.
This blog will only be successful with collaboration and sharing from a diverse group of educators! We are on the lookout to showcase great ways teachers are using Technology in their classroom!  Please email me if you have a great technology post on your blog or website that you would like to feature here.   

Thanks for stopping by the Technology Tailgate!

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  1. Welcome! I am SO excited for this blog. I found your blog in the portfolio section of Bitten By the Blog Bug and have been eagerly awaiting your first post! {Very cute blog design, by the way!} I am a 2nd grade teacher and our level will be departmentalizing for the first time next year. I will be teaching all of our 2nd graders technology, while the rest of my team handles science and social studies. Can't wait to see how this blog develops!

    EduKate and Inspire

  2. Fantastic idea for a blog! I'm so happy to have found y'all!!!


    On The Road To Success