Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rockin Computer Unit

Has anyone been lucky enough to attend a conference featuring Mr. Kurt Schwengel of Rock and Roll Kindergarten????  He is AMAZING with a great gift of incorporating technology into his kindergarten classroom.  Check out his unit on computers, he integrates learning with and about computers throughout every subject area in kindergarten! His ideas can easily be adapted to a variety of grade levels. Check it out! -> The Computer Unit

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  1. Just found your cute blog! I'm going to guess you're from the south where we love our tailgating?

    Come join my giveaway!

  2. Thanks Amanda! Actually from Chicago, it's all about the tailgating up here as well! I'm glad you found us and joined in on the techie fun!!!

  3. I HAVE seen Kurt Schwengel teach at a conference. He has SO many wonderful ideas and it was the most beneficial conference I have ever attended. I love technology and found your blog through Miss A's Kindergarten. BTW, your blog design is adorable :)


  4. I am going to see Kurt Schwengel at the "I Teach 1st" Confernece in Chicago. I am so thrilled,it's going to be the perfect way to pump me up for the new school year!
    Teach with a Smile